The One She Loved

Her last words to me were goodbye, she had become what she despised. A shattered life or a wasted youth always searching for the truth of how she came to be without a feeling of self doubt. We’ll never know just quite how, it came to be that she found out.

What did she see when she looked at me, across the room, falling autumn leaves, leave a trace of where we once had been.
In another time, cruel destiny.

With a shake of a hand, and a firm goodbye, as the tears run down my cheek that night, I knew for sure it would be the last time I would ever see her on that foggy night

Words can’t express what I cant deny, I tried my best but I cannot lie. When things got tough and I hid inside, I never tried to even compromise

So I get what you felt, I understand. Spent so much time trying to be a better man. If you wanted to leave me, if you felt that you cant, well go ahead I dont give a damn