Tokyo Metal Club gave its birth during covid when Geoff and AG.K were both stuck at home, not being able to perform live but still had plenty of passion for creating heavy metal music. Geoff and AG.K was playing in a band called “Hard Wire Candy” back in 2005 where they were both studying at university in Queensland, Australia. They have played couple shows around the campus and also some local venue at Surfer’s Paradise such as Hard Rock Cafe. Back in the days Geoff and AG.K used to record their songs using digital recorder in the music room located on campus, but now they thought maybe they can do the same over the internet. AG.K sent some chord strumming to Geoff, which later became “Could it be”. This was the band first creation. After releasing this song they went on with writing more songs and at the same time started thinking what their project should be named.

In 2021, They had 8 songs recorded and released it as their first album, “Tokyo Metallize”. However it turns out that some songs had the wrong version , thus they re-released the album in 2022 when they also change the arrangement of “Stand and Fight” completely.

Tokyo Metal Club with Dana James (Pipe Swinger)

Tokyo Metal Club London HQ

Tokyo Metal Club HQ is where all the song writing is done.

  • Goeff Vader Vocals/Guitar
  • AG.K Guitar

Tokyo Metal Club Tokyo Zero

  • T.B.D /Vocals
  • AG.K/Guitar
  • Leon/Bass
  • Max/Drums

Tokyo Metal Club Neo

  • Shino/Vocals
  • Shin/Guitar
  • AG.K/Guitar
  • Leon/Bass
  • Dahlia/Drums

Past Line Up

Tokyo Metal Club Tokyo Branch(2023 Jan-2023/Feb)

  • Dana James Vocals/Bass
  • AG.K/Guitar
  • Max Jones Drums

Tokyo Metal Club Tokyo Branch(2021 October-2022/December)

  • Dana James Vocals/Guitar
  • AG.K/Guitar
  • Kyle Hartshorn/Bass
  • Max Jones Drums